Forthcoming Society Events 2016

Meetings take place at 7:30pm in the Tudor Room, The Talbot Hotel, West Street, Leominster

Except the Festival Talk which will be held at Grange Court

Events 2016
January 11th Golden Fire: A Digital Arts Project On Cider Heritage & Production In Herefordshire Since 1945 – Rich Matthews, Rural Media Company
February 8th Annual General Meeting & Philip Clissett: An Arts & Crafts Chair-maker & His Legacy – Mike Abbott, Green Wood Chair-maker & Author
March 14th The River Lugg: A Living Landscape – Sophie Cowling, Ecologist, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
April 11th Voysey’s Perrycroft: An Arts & Crafts House & Garden in Worcestershire – Dr Mark Archer
May 9th Water: The Most Special Substance On Earth – Dr Noel Meeke MBE, Chairman, Waterworks Museum Trust
May 31st Festival Talk at Grange Court – The British Oak – Archie Miles, Photographer & Writer – £7
July 23rd Summer Outing – Perrycroft, Upper Colwall, Worcestershire
September 14th General Discussion Evening
October 10th Churches At Risk in Herefordshire – Tim Bridges, Church Buildings Support Officer, Diocese of Hereford
November 14th Leominster Meeting Centre: A new service for people with dementia & their carers – Dr Shirley Evans, Senior Research Fellow, Association for Dementia Studies
December 18th Christmas Buffet

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