Society Events 2010

Meetings take place at 7:30pm in the Tudor Room, The Talbot Hotel, West Street, Leominster

Events 2010
January 11th National Trust: Aims Directions & Local Example: Ian Grafton from Croft Castle
February 15th Annual General Meeting
March 8th Borderlines Film Festival (at the Lion Ballrooom ??)
April 12th Herefordshire’s Historic Mills (Alan Stoyel)
May 10th Building on the Frontier: Corrugated Iron and it’s Uses Worldwide (Simon Holloway)
June 14th Leominster Festival Talk: Hidden Trees of Britain (Archie Miles, local author and photographer)
September 13th General Discussion Evening, including an Update on Grange Court by LARC
October 11th Historic Leominster in an Uncertain Conservation Climate (Robert Walker, Herefordshire Conservation Dept.)
November 8th Global Problems : Global Solutions (Richard Priestley)
December 5th Christmas Buffet